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Every Member of Our Staff Cares About Your Success

Why does our staff care so much? It’s because many of them have been in your shoes. Many of our staff are in recovery and know firsthand the joy you will experience when you break your dependence on drugs and alcohol.

josh dressel

Josh Dressel

Co-Founder/Director of Operations

I am in recovery myself and was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and returned to Toledo late in my 20’s. I jumped headfirst into sobriety and recovery, and the progress I have seen at the Midwest facilities keeps me coming back every day, eager to do more and help more people. The difference between Midwest and a lot of other facilities is our abstinence-based program. We believe abstinence and participation in a recovery support system, like the 12-step model, will provide results. The other thing that stands out about our facility is our philosophy to help everyone that calls us to find the right resources. If we cannot accommodate potential clients, we will try our hardest to find a place for them within another facility or organization. Success in recovery is very much about accountability. Every individual is responsible for holding themselves accountable, but we also make sure that they know that we expect them to be held accountable to us as well.

Josh Dressel is a Co-Founder at Midwest Centers. He strives to make Midwest Centers the best place clients want to recover and grow on a daily basis.

Headshot Justin Ochmanek

Justin Ochmanek

Director of Operations

I oversee the daily operations of all our inpatient facilities. I manage the staff, make sure client care is at a premium, and ensure the overall upkeep of the facilities and staff is at the highest level.

I’m passionate about giving back to clients like me. I got sober on June 10th, 2015. I was addicted to heroin, crack-cocaine, and alcohol for 14 and a half years. I was constantly in and out of jail and never able to stay sober. I found recovery through treatment. Since I got clean, I have been able to turn my life around from homelessness to success and happiness. I want to help others like me overcome their addictions, see that life can be better, and realize that there is no reason to stay hopeless.

My favorite part of the job is seeing clients who come in broken and hopeless start to show signs of life and hope while in our care. The turnaround you see in a client from detox to completion of our 30-day inpatient program is rewarding.

What sets Midwest Centers apart from other treatment centers is the culture, the cleanliness of our facilities, and the relatability between clients and staff. Many staff are recovering addicts themselves and understand what clients are going through. This is not the same with other facilities. The overall love and caring culture for the clients stands out.

I understand each and every client’s situation and am never too busy to have a conversation and assist. I have a passion for taking away as much pain as possible for every individual that enters our facilities, hoping they never have to go back to what got them in the doors in the first place. I never forget where I came from, and never look down on another individual struggling.

Justin Ochmanek is the Director of Operations for Midwest Centers. He attended West Virginia Tech Business and oversees the daily operations of all inpatient facilities.