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group of smiling men and women at the alumni program in ohAt Midwest Detox Center, we understand that recovering from addiction is a lifelong process. There is no simple cure for addiction. Instead, individuals who seek help for problems with substance abuse find that they are continually working on healthy coping skills and other habits for maintaining sobriety. While your time at Midwest Detox can help you get sober initially, the care you receive after our detox program will also be important. One key component of lasting sobriety is having a strong network of support. During your time at Midwest Detox, you’ll meet others who have experienced similar struggles. You’ll encourage and support each other as you overcome addiction. And through our alumni program, you can stay connected even after leaving our addiction treatment center.

Aftercare is an essential element of our treatment plans at Midwest Detox. Our goal is for you to not only get sober but stay sober in the future. A strong network of support will help you avoid relapse by providing accountability and encouragement. Your recovery journey will not come to an end when you leave Midwest Detox. That’s why our alumni program is such a key part of our treatment center. You’ll stay connected to others in recovery and attend events organized by the alumni network. This valuable resource is one of the many reasons why patients choose Midwest Detox to help them get started on the road to recovery.

The Importance of an Alumni Program

Drug and alcohol addiction can be isolating. You might feel like you are alone in your struggles. However, a strong network of support is an important part of lasting recovery. Whether you have the support of friends, family, or individuals you met in recovery, having people you can turn to for help is crucial.

In the alumni program at Midwest Detox Center, you’ll be able to stay connected with your peers in recovery. You can reach out to them when you’re struggling. Yet you can also provide support to others when they need it. Many past patients tell us that the opportunity to support others is valuable to them. As you help others, you’re also helping yourself. This is why we founded our alumni program: to give you a network of support that will be there when you need it.

What Is the Midwest Detox Alumni Program?

While in our alumni program, you’ll be able to connect with peers in recovery, no matter where you live. We have members all across the country, so if you’re no longer in Ohio, you can still reach out for support. Some of what you can expect from our alumni program includes:

  • Access to our extensive alumni database so that you can reach out for support and encouragement as needed
  • Continued support from the experienced team at Midwest Detox Center, including regular telephone and email contact
  • Educational materials from Midwest Detox and other information that could be useful to your recovery
  • Invitations to Midwest Detox’s social events or events hosted by members of the alumni program
  • The opportunity to share your experiences with others in need and support your peers

When you come to Midwest Detox for your recovery needs, you also join our family. You’ll have the opportunity to continue supporting others in their recovery through our alumni program in Ohio.

Learn More About Our Alumni Program Today

When you leave our addiction treatment program, your recovery journey doesn’t end. Instead, as you continue to learn about healthy coping skills and strategies for lasting sobriety, you can share what you’ve learned with others through our alumni program. Learn more about our alumni program as well as the addiction treatment programs we offer, like our men’s and women’s detox centers, alcohol detox, and drug detox, by contacting us today. Call Midwest Detox Center at 833.647.0392 or contact us online. Start rebuilding your life by breaking free from addiction.