man sitting on steps needing a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program in ohioCocaine is a highly addictive drug that is usually ingested by smoking, snorting, and injecting. The cocaine addiction treatment program at Midwest Detox Center is the best option for individuals who want to quit cocaine use. Remember that addiction is a chronic disease. This means that the best way to fully recover is by getting professional help and maintaining treatment.

Regular use of cocaine leads to changes in one’s brain to the point that they become very dependent on the drug. This makes the quitting process even harder especially without professional help from a drug detox center.

How to Know if Someone is Abusing Cocaine

Knowing if someone is developing an addiction to cocaine is an important step in getting them help. But many people conceal their drug abuse patterns extremely well.

Here are a couple of signs you can look out for if you suspect you or someone you care about is a becoming addicted to cocaine:

  • A white residue on the mouth or nose
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviors, mood swings, and nosebleeds
  • Isolating oneself from social functions, families, and friends
  • The lips and hands may have burn marks
  • Extreme loss in weight
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

There are two main types of cocaine and one of them is crack cocaine. This is the type that comes in small crystalline shapes that are usually smoked. The other type is a powder that is usually snorted, injected, or smoked. Cocaine use only gets worse with time. This is why it’s very important to recognize some of the above warning signs early.

The high from cocaine is quite short and usually last between 5-30 minutes. This means that one has to consume cocaine several times for them to maintain the high.

Early intervention with a substance abuse treatment program can help you or a loved one with a cocaine abuse problem. According to a study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health on drug use, approximately 1.5 million Americans reported using cocaine within the past month. This is a serious problem that can be treated. Call 833.647.0392 today to speak with a detox specialist.

What Happens After Consuming Cocaine?

Cocaine is fast-acting once consumed, one may start to experience the effects immediately. It is a feel-good drug because it affects the dopamine levels in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter whose recycling process gets blocked once cocaine is in the body. This makes the individual feel euphoric or get high.

On ingesting cocaine, an individual may lose their appetite, feel more active, and even have fewer inhibitions. They may also be easily excited and experience severe mood changes. This may include getting angry, being hostile, or violent. Cocaine’s effects last for a short while and many people take it in a binge pattern. This leads to dependence which can only be effectively addressed by attending a cocaine addiction treatment program in Ohio.

The effect of cocaine also gets worse when combined with other drugs such as heroin or alcohol. This increases the risk of suffering a cocaine overdose. However, drug and alcohol detox programs can reduce these numbers. A report by the Drugs Abuse Warning Network found that cocaine was responsible for 1.3 million visits to the hospital emergency rooms. Combining cocaine with other drugs also exacerbates one’s addiction. Luckily, a cocaine addiction treatment program helps address all these challenges.

Drug Rehab Programs at Midwest Detox Center

The services below are part of our detox and addiction treatment programs in Ohio:

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Addiction is a lifelong disease that needs specialized treatment. Enrolling in a cocaine addiction treatment program helps you or your loved one begin the recovery process. Don’t let anything hold you prisoner especially a cocaine addiction. Contact us today via 833.647.0392 and let us begin the journey together.