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group supporting woman as she shares during Addiction Treatment Therapies in ohEvery individual in our care at Midwest Detox Center receives a personalized treatment plan. During intake, we’ll complete a thorough assessment to determine your needs while in our addiction therapy programs. We incorporate both evidence-based clinical practices and holistic approaches in our substance abuse treatment plans. During your time at Midwest Detox, you’ll take part in group therapy sessions. These sessions are some of the most important building blocks of addiction therapy. The individuals you’ll meet in group therapy have experienced similar struggles and walked similar paths, and they will be a source of support and encouragement during your treatment. Through our addiction treatment therapies, you’ll learn the coping skills and strategies you’ll need for lasting recovery. Our goal is for every individual in our care to leave with the tools they need for lifelong recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies in Ohio

Recreational Therapy

While in our addiction therapy programs, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in recreational outings. We organize trips to local attractions and outdoor activities as appropriate for your treatment plan. One of the goals of these outings is to help you learn how to have fun and enjoy yourself without drugs or alcohol. Through hikes and nature walks, you can also get to know your peers in recovery and develop a stronger network of support.

Expressive Therapy

One of our addiction treatment therapies at Midwest Detox is expressive therapy, in which you’ll use art as a way to express emotions. This hands-on approach is guided by a therapist. By engaging with the creative arts, you can get to know your emotions and feelings. We incorporate both visual art and music in this addiction therapy.

Group Therapy

A strong network of support is an invaluable component of addiction recovery. Through group therapy sessions, you’ll work through the root causes of addiction and develop healthy coping skills for the future. Since everyone in your program has the same goal, you’ll be able to build a community of mutual support. Our clinical staff guides these meetings and will help you work through past trauma as you develop healthy habits.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Many people who struggle with substance abuse have experienced past trauma. In trauma-focused therapy, you’ll address underlying trauma with the help of an experienced therapist. This can help you understand what might trigger cravings for drugs and alcohol and plan for how you’ll deal with stress in the future.

Motivational Interviewing

To make positive changes in your life, we utilize motivational interviewing as one of our addiction treatment therapies. Your therapist will ask you a series of questions to help you understand what motivates you. Through this process, you’ll begin to regain control of your thoughts and your life.

Family Therapy

One consequence of addiction to drugs or alcohol can be damage to relationships. If your family has suffered from substance abuse, family therapy can help you begin to heal. Our therapists will reach out to your loved ones as appropriate to work on establishing healthy boundaries and strategies for healing.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals with substance abuse issues also struggle with their mental health. We can help those with a co-occurring mental health disorder through targeted treatment. Although mental health disorders can be a contributing factor to substance abuse, this addiction therapy can help you learn how to safely cope with the symptoms of a mental health disorder without turning to drugs or alcohol.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy, known as CBT, is a widely used therapy for substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. Through CBT, you’ll learn healthy coping skills. This component of our addiction treatment therapies works by helping you learn new, positive thought patterns and direct plans of action for stressful situations.


One of our goals at Midwest Detox is to give you the tools you need for lifelong sobriety. Your recovery journey is not over when you leave our center. Instead, you’ll be able to lean on the skills you’ve learned as well as the community of support you’ve built even after you’ve completed one of our addiction therapy programs. Learn more about our alumni program and how you can stay connected to Midwest Detox.

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