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prescription pills spilling showing the need for a Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program in ohioPainkillers are a wonder to us as they can instantly cushion us from bodily pain and give us comfort during our periods of crisis. Sometimes you can even get a euphoric effect when treating yourself with painkillers. But despite their beneficial effects, painkillers also have a dark side. You can easily develop a prescription drug addiction to painkillers if you use them regularly.

Your chances of addiction increase if you use the drugs without consent from a doctor. Research indicates that about two million people abuse painkillers for the first time each year, and such cases can escalate quickly into an addiction. For this reason, the painkiller addiction treatment program at Midwest Detox Center offers targeted help in a supportive, healing environment.

The Nature of Painkillers

Painkillers are a group of drugs that affect the nervous system. They may alter how the nervous system receives and transmit signals to the body. They also stimulate the pleasure points in the brain. That is why the drugs can produce a euphoric effect in specific doses. Painkillers’ ability to manipulate the nervous system helps them relieve pain by blocking the pain receptors in the nervous system.

Painkillers are diverse. Some are mild and perfectly safe for usage according to a doctor’s prescription, but others are very dangerous and can lead someone into an addiction crisis. What makes them dangerous is the fact that small doses can still lead you into the beginning symptoms of addiction. But luckily enough, a painkiller addiction treatment program can help you deal with such addictions.

The most powerful groups of painkillers are opioids, which contain opium as the main ingredient. Therefore, they can control the nervous system in the same way as other illegal drugs from the opium plant. Long-term use of opioid painkillers can produce the same risk of addiction as heroin.

If you or a loved one struggles with opioid abuse, reach out by calling 833.647.0392 for an opioid detox center in Ohio.

Are Painkillers Harmful?

Several factors will determine whether a painkiller is harmful. The most important factor is how you use the painkiller. If you use it because a doctor recommends it, then the chances are that you will be relatively safe. But this will also depend on how accurately you follow the doctor’s prescription. Any deviations from the prescription increase your susceptibility to the adverse effects.

The nature of the painkiller will also determine its safety for consumption. Some painkillers are mild, while others are very addictive. Addictive painkillers have a higher chance of being harmful, as they can make a person dependent on them in a very short while. These dependencies slowly increase their tolerance to these drugs. In the end, these individuals either become addicted or overdose from trying to reach their initial high. In such a case, a painkiller addiction treatment program in Ohio is the best option to fight the addiction.

Painkiller Rehab at Midwest Detox Center

The programs we provide at Midwest Detox Center will help treat your addiction.

Programs include:

  • Drug detox center – This center helps you to detoxify yourself under supervision from our competent medical staff. Your detoxification process will be safe and it will follow a personalized plan.
  • Heroin detox program – This program alleviates some of the painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms from heroin abuse.
  • Women’s and men’s detox programs – Focusing on gender-specific concerns during detox, this program helps women and men feel more comfortable.
  • Residential addiction treatment – Get 24/7 supervision and support during drug and alcohol rehab.

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Living with an addiction can be challenging. It may curtail the progress in your life. But you can still overcome the addiction with the help of a customized treatment plan. Visit our painkiller addiction treatment center in Ohio or contact us by calling 833.647.0392.