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cabinet full of prescription bottles showing the need for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment ProgramIn most cases, you will need a prescription from a doctor to buy medications, especially for drugs that are often abused. There is a good reason behind this logic. Drugs are very sensitive chemicals. You will require vast knowledge to use them effectively. Not everyone has the ability or interest to study drugs thoroughly. That is why doctors and pharmacists come in handy.

Another reason for writing prescriptions is the addictive nature of drugs. Research shows that 80% of the elderly use prescription medicine daily. If you use drugs without regulations you will end up developing an addiction. Fortunately, the prescription drug addiction treatment program at Midwest Detox Center can help you overcome substance abuse.

Prescription Drugs

These are strong medications. The law demands that one must have a prescription to access them. You can get these prescriptions from a doctor or a dentist. Despite the tight regulations, people still misuse prescription drugs. People misuse them for a variety of reasons. Some genuinely develop an addiction in the process of using them as a treatment. Then there is a group that uses drugs for recreational purposes.

Prescription drugs can fall into three categories. These are the opioids, depressants, or stimulants. Opioids are common pain relievers that require opioid detox when abused. Depressants help to alleviate disorders such as anxiety and insomnia while stimulants are effective for ADHD treatment. No matter their usage, these drugs can be very addictive.

The danger of prescription drugs is that people self-medicate with them. A person may start using the drugs just because the neighbor testifies that they are excellent pain relievers. The fact that some pharmacies are willing to offer them without prescriptions only worsens their misuse. This practice exposes more people to potential overdoses.

Factors That Make Prescription Drugs Hazardous

We all know that misusing drugs can be harmful. The only thing that varies is the extent of harm that the drug can cause. Some drugs have serious side effects. Others have mild or even unnoticeable side effects. If you take a drug under the guidance of a knowledgeable doctor, you will be safe. But if you use the drugs in unattended ways, your life may be on the line. You might be a candidate for a prescription drug addiction treatment program in Ohio very soon.

Below are some reasons as to why prescription drugs can be dangerous if you misuse them.

Medical History

A doctor needs to check your medical history before administering any kind of medication. The doctors need to know your weight, medical conditions, and any form of medication that you are on. All these factors play a role in determining the quantity of a drug your body can sustain.

Side Effects

Any prescription has side effects. In most cases the side effects are manageable. But this is only true if the medication is taken in line with the prescription. If you misuse prescription drugs, the effects can become adverse. Sometimes they can be fatal.


Doctors can determine accurately how long a given amount of drug affects the body. Misusing prescription drugs can mean that you take them in larger quantities. This puts you at risk of damaging the organs in your body.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program

At Midwest Detox Center, our prescription drug addiction treatment program in Ohio has the following modalities:

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