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group therapy session on the floor during the Opioid Addiction Treatment ProgramSynthetic opioid pain relievers are helpful for treating chronic pain; however, they are possible to abuse, which can become a habit that consequently becomes a full-blown addiction. To find long-term recovery from opioid addiction and restore your life, you will need a structured opioid addiction treatment program.

Comprehensive substance abuse treatment in Ohio requires a combination of different programs and therapies in a certified rehab center. The duration of the opioid addiction treatment program varies from one individual to the next. At Midwest Detox Center, we offer personalized treatment plans for opioid addiction in a supportive, healing environment.

Opioid Side Effects

Opioid use has both short- and long-term effects. Several short-term side effects appear rapidly after ingesting the prescription medication, including sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, impaired judgment, and reduced motor skills.

The long-term side effects of opioids use include:

  • Hormonal issues
  • Depression
  • Abdominal pain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Increased risk of heart attack

Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

Before receiving an opioid addiction diagnosis, you must show several physical or behavioral signs. Physical symptoms are evident in physical health, and the red flags may include drowsiness, trouble breathing, slurred speech, poor coordination, and reduced motor skills.

Behavioral symptoms relate to one’s behavior but are challenging to identify when compared to physical symptoms. The behavioral symptoms include excessive lying about substance use, using more doses than prescribed, obtaining the drugs illegally, abandoning responsibilities to use opioids, and strained relationships.

Insight into Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Breaking free from opioid addiction requires a quality treatment program. When choosing an ideal option, address both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction. Also, mental health and addiction treatment therapists will ensure that co-occurring disorders are managed promptly.

Remember, a treatment plan for opioid addiction depends on various factors, such as other underlying health conditions and the severity of your addiction. Therefore, you will need mental health professionals by your side as you try to quit substance use. Discuss with a rehab specialist what lies ahead, and expect therapists to ask questions about your past and current substance abuse to develop the most effective treatment plan.

In residential addiction treatment programs, you may participate in a medical detox program to manage the withdrawal symptoms during the first few days. Some symptoms are quite painful, hence the need for a medical detox to safely rid the body of the substances. Specialists can also use a tapering technique to ease off dependence by slowly reducing the amount of content in the body.

Your journey to recovery does not end with detox; instead, you may require either an inpatient or outpatient opioid addiction treatment program in Ohio. Inpatient rehab involves staying overnight in a structured and drug-free environment, allowing residents to take an active role in their recovery.

On the other hand, outpatient rehabs provide a more flexible recovery option in which participants visit a treatment center several times every week to learn how to rebuild their lives.

An outpatient program is suitable for people with a mild addiction; however, those who struggle with chronic addiction require an inpatient program to recover successfully.

Overcome Addiction at Midwest Detox Center

To treat the symptoms of opioid addiction, drug detox centers safely remove any opioids. It is critical to seek a professional detox facility instead of at-home detox. In 2018, a study by the NIH on opioid overdoses found that an estimated 46,802 people in the U.S. died as a result of an opioid overdose. Millions of Americans suffer from an opioid use disorder, with opioid painkillers being the most commonly abused drugs in the category. Overcoming the opioid epidemic is possible with the right opioid addiction treatment center in Ohio.

At Midwest Detox Center, we have a team of therapists who will offer you various services:

Are you suffering from opioid addiction? At Midwest Detox Center, we offer scientifically-proven opioid addiction treatment programs to help you recover from substance use disorders. Our mental health specialists have years of experience and are ready to provide you with a specialized treatment plan. Contact us today at 833.647.0392 to get started.