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man in the men's detox center program in OH meeting with therapistEveryone who has suffered from addiction knows that each individual’s relationship to drugs and alcohol is different. And that’s why, unlike most addiction treatment facilities, we have made it a practice to customize each treatment plan to each patient. And here are many factors and variables involved in customizing that design. One of these is gender. There is a great deal of clinical evidence that men and women handle drug addiction very differently. And more and more addiction specialists have discovered that treating men and women separately works. This is not only true in the short term — gender-exclusive treatment is also less likely to result in relapse later. And this is why if you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you should consider reaching out to our men’s detox program in Ohio.

At Midwest Detox’s men’s detox center, we understand that recovery looks different for everyone. Because men and women have different relationships with and reactions to substance abuse, their gender should factor into their treatment.

Is Men’s Detox Right for You?

As men, we know that what will work for women will not necessarily work for us. This is in part because of the way that our society views us. From the time that we are boys, we are taught the worst thing that we can do is show weakness. At our men’s detox center, the addiction specialists ensure that you have the space and the encouragement you need to open up in ways that will ultimately lay the foundation for your recovery.

Another difference between the ways that men and women respond to treatment is that it often takes men longer to open up and make ourselves vulnerable. As men, we are, unfortunately, not encouraged to express our needs and emotions in the same way that women are. But in an all men’s detox program, we can tackle those needs head-on.

Not everyone benefits from getting treatment in the gender-exclusive environment of men’s detox. But if you feel that you or someone you care about might, it is worth reaching out to Midwest Detox Center to learn more about our Ohio men’s detox program.

The Men’s Detox Advantage

At our men’s detox center, we know that detox, rehab, and recovery are a complex, often unpleasant process. And when the process attempted without medical supervision, the results can be disastrous. This is why it is incredibly unsafe to try to detox on your own, especially if your dependency issues are severe. On the one hand, so-called “solo detox” is statistically unlikely to succeed—patients who try generally relapse as their withdrawal symptoms worse. And on the other hand, solo attempts can also be hazardous. Depending upon the substance, they can even be fatal.

So medically supervised detox has its advantages. But men’s detox brings additional advantages as well. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced sexual tension. Sexual tension often distracts members of both sexes in recovery, and not having women around allows men to focus.
  • Men-only group therapy. Men-only therapy groups allow for better, more honest communication, which is one of the keys to long-term recovery.
  • Specialized treatment. Because men experience addiction differently to women, several psychological issues are specific to them. Enrolling in a men’s detox center gives them time to work on these specifically.
  • Increased comfort. Because women are not around, men can speak more freely and express their fears and weaknesses.
  • A better support network. Patients in our men’s detox program tend to build a more extensive network of support than those in mixed-gender programs. This support network is a crucial component avoiding relapse and sets you up for lasting success.

These are, of course, only a few of the many reasons our men’s detox program might be the right choice for you. But when you are ready to begin your journey, we’ll be here to guide you.

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