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The family is the most basic social unit of every society. This means that every societal vice such as addiction can only be effectively addressed by focusing on the family, which is the primary goal of a family therapy program at Midwest Detox Center. Drug abuse or addiction has become a serious social vice in the United States, costing approximately $740 billion every year.

Treating addiction requires a multidimensional approach that focuses on helping the client develop better coping mechanisms. This is only achievable if the individual builds a strong and supportive relationship with those closest to them.

What You Need to Know About Family Therapy

Family therapy is first a treatment approach that focuses on the individual’s family after the individual goes through drug and alcohol detox. The therapist can use the family as the leading resource to help the client in their recovery journey. This type of therapy also focuses on various issues that might have caused the addiction in the first place. For instance, family conflict and poor parenting are issues that may have contributed to the onset of the addiction.

Family therapy also has a set of approaches that focus on rebuilding the relationship between the client and their family members. The goal of this is to help build trust and open communication lines. This allows the client to get the support they need and helps the family better understand the client’s condition.

Why You Need Family Therapy

man with head down getting support during family therapy program

A family therapy program is one of the most effective ways of treating addiction. Some of the benefits of a family therapy program in Ohio include:

  • Helping the family understand the client’s condition and how they can actively help
  • Assisting families to get closer
  • Rebuilding relationships for members to begin the healing process
  • Creating boundaries for the client and every member involved
  • Helping families heal together

The participating family members develop self-care practices and learn how to effectively help the client if there is a relapse. A family therapy program in Ohio is especially useful for families that have multiple members struggling with addiction. Genetic and environmental factors are some of the risk factors that increase an individual’s chance of drug addiction.

Many family members often make the mistake of becoming enablers of the client’s addiction, making it harder for the client to quit. Through family therapy, families learn healthy coping skills that can help rather than hurt the client.

Addiction Treatment Programs Available at Midwest Detox Center

Treating addiction requires professional help, which is where Midwest Detox Center’s detox specialists and therapists come in.

In addition to our family therapy program, we also offer:

  • Men’s and women’s detox programs – Our team is able to treat the withdrawal symptoms and issues unique to the men and women
  • Drug and alcohol detox programs – We offer specialized programs to ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Substance abuse treatment programs – Individualized treatment based on the substances abused, such as alcohol and heroin rehab
  • Residential addiction treatment – 24/7 supervision for those with medical issues and severe addictions
  • Individual and group therapy – Use of behavioral therapies in multiple settings to establish healthy coping skills and habits

Recover Today with Family Therapy at Midwest Detox Center

Addiction is often a lonely journey that negatively affects the relationship between the individual and their family. Do not let addiction ruin your family and close relationships. Family therapy helps heal the broken bonds between family members and teaches them effective ways of helping those in addiction recovery.

Contact Midwest Detox Center for more information about our detox programs. Make a call to our detox specialists and therapists at 833.647.0392 and join our family therapy program.