man tries unsuccessfully to quit heroin cold turkey

Dangers of Dealing with Heroin Withdrawal Cold Turkey

For people with heroin addiction, it can be difficult to stop or slow down substance use. Heroin detox centers exist because, after a certain point in the development of heroin addiction, it becomes almost impossible to quit the substance and go through heroin withdrawal cold turkey. The body becomes chemically dependent on heroin, and detox…

therapy group meets at residential addiction treatment center

How Residential Treatment Supports Addiction Recovery

How do residential addiction treatment programs support addiction recovery? In the first place, it’s not only residential treatment that helps make inroads for addiction recovery. Addiction treatment, in general, helps patients focus on healing from their substance use disorders. However, residential treatment provides some of the highest levels of rehab services for patients working on…

woman struggles with effects of drug addiction

How Drug Addiction Affects the Brain

Drug addiction treatment programs don’t just help patients rid themselves of addiction. They also explore the connection between drug addiction and the brain’s health and functioning. After all, a person’s brain makes up who they are. It’s the part of the body that allows a person to control their breathing, feeling, movement, speaking, and thinking.…

woman struggles with signs of high-functioning alcoholism

Finding Help for a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Will high-functioning alcoholics benefit from going through alcohol addiction treatment programs? Yes, because it’s still an addiction despite problems with drinking alcohol being of different intensities and being called by different names. Whether it’s heavy drinking or high-functioning alcoholism, alcohol addiction treatment will help. Most people will picture an alcoholic as someone who obviously drinks…

men struggles with warning signs of cocaine use

Warning Signs of Cocaine Use

Some that struggle with cocaine addiction may find it difficult to accept that they need a cocaine addiction treatment program to rebuild their lives. However, accepting this need as soon as possible is essential. Developing a cocaine addiction can happen quickly. The euphoria that cocaine induces is short-lived, which leads to many cocaine users going…

woman begins suboxone treatment program

Benefits of a Suboxone Treatment Program

For many people, it may be difficult to understand how a medical detox facility fits into addiction treatment. Some patients may push for an at-home detox process before getting admitted into an addiction treatment center. They may want to skip going to a medical detox center. However, some patients will require medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and…

women begin methadone treatment program

How Methadone Works for Addiction Treatment

What is the purpose of a medical detox center, especially when it comes to addiction treatment? Some patients will need the expert care and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provided by a medical detox center, but some won’t. It all depends on the severity of their addiction and whether or not they have co-occurring issues. Going to…

woman meets with therapist for treatment for cocaine addiction

What Are the Signs of Crack Cocaine Use?

Which patients need cocaine addiction treatment programs? Those using crack cocaine may be particularly in need of treatment programs, especially when it comes to detoxing. Withdrawal symptoms of crack cocaine use can be challenging to withstand without medical help, so many people addicted to crack will only be successful with professional aid from a cocaine…

therapy group meets at alcohol detox center

What Should I Look for in an Alcohol Detox Center?

What’s the first step in an alcoholic’s recovery? Alcohol detox. This is the process of eliminating alcohol from the body after it has adjusted itself chemically to having alcohol regularly present in its system. Unfortunately, there is no cure for alcoholism because it’s a chronic disease. Finding and maintaining sobriety can be a tough process.…