woman begins suboxone treatment program

Benefits of a Suboxone Treatment Program

For many people, it may be difficult to understand how a medical detox facility fits into addiction treatment. Some patients may push for an at-home detox process before getting admitted into an addiction treatment center. They may want to skip going to a medical detox center. However, some patients will require medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and…

women begin methadone treatment program

How Methadone Works for Addiction Treatment

What is the purpose of a medical detox center, especially when it comes to addiction treatment? Some patients will need the expert care and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) provided by a medical detox center, but some won’t. It all depends on the severity of their addiction and whether or not they have co-occurring issues. Going to…

woman struggles with long term effects of pill addiction

The Long-Term Effects of Pill Addiction

What are the long-term effects of prescription drug addiction? Some people may think that prescription drugs aren’t as harmful as illegal drugs because they’ve been tested and have actual medical uses. However, every type of substance abuse will typically have lifelong consequences. Even after recovery, patients that have struggled with pill addiction could continue to…

woman deals with signs of prescription addiction

Earliest Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction develops when someone starts taking drugs at frequencies and dosages that are different from how the drugs were prescribed. Typical prescription drugs that people form addictions to are opioid painkillers, central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and stimulants. Apart from addiction, abusing these drugs can lead to a high risk of fatal overdose.…

woman considers opioid addiction in ohio

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Opioid drugs are typically prescription pain relievers. Although they’re legitimate medications, these pain relievers are easy to use indiscriminately. It wouldn’t be difficult to form a dependence, which can lead to a full-blown opioid addiction. If you’re in Ohio and looking for an opioid addiction treatment program, contact Midwest Detox Center online or call 833.647.0392