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doctor talking to man at the Medical Detox Center in ohioDetox is the first step in your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Although drug and alcohol detox is a necessary part of your treatment, it can also be the most challenging. A medical detox center provides medically supervised detox that helps you manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings in the early stages of recovery.

Midwest Detox Center offers medical detox as a part of our residential addiction treatment program. If you are committed to getting off drugs or alcohol for good, we have the resources, facilities, and staff to help you meet your goals. Reach out to our team today at 833.647.0392 and let us help you get on the road to recovery.

What Is a Medical Detox Center?

When the brain becomes dependent on a substance, suddenly ending the dependency can cause behavioral, psychological, and physical symptoms. While some symptoms are mild and cause minor irritation, others can lead to severe pain or discomfort. Common symptoms of substance withdrawal may include:

  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Hallucinations
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Depression
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Insomnia

A medical detox center in Ohio provides a safe environment complete with medical withdrawal services for any type of addiction you may be facing. Medical detox reduces the effects of withdrawal symptoms, giving you a fighting chance to complete detox successfully.

Our Medical Detox Services

Our medical detox program is designed to help you overcome an addiction to substances such as alcohol, heroin, opioids, meth, cocaine, painkillers, prescription drugs, and more. Some of the services we provide at our medical detox center include:

  • Medication – We utilize medication to help you manage cravings and ease the discomfort associated with your withdrawal symptoms. Common types of medication for detox include buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone. The type of medication you receive depends on the circumstances of your addiction.
  • Full facilities – Our alcohol and drug detox center provides comfortable facilities complete with personalized bedrooms and amenities. Our goal is to provide an environment where you can relax and focus on your recovery. We also offer gender-specific programs for both men and women.
    Licensed medical staff – Medical withdrawal can be challenging. You need the support of a licensed medical team who can provide emergency medical treatment, as well as encouragement and therapy during this difficult time. Our fully licensed and trained medical staff are an integral part of our medical detox program.
  • 24/7 supervision – You never need to feel alone when you are detoxing. Isolation can easily lead to relapse. If you are recovering from a severe addiction, you may need ongoing supervision so that our staff can respond immediately to any emergencies you experience. We are on call 24/7 throughout detox.

The Benefits of a Medical Detox Center

While it is possible to detox without medication, there are several benefits of a medical detox program, including:

  • A higher detox success rate
  • A safe environment to handle emergencies
  • No distractions or triggers
  • Prepares you for rehab
  • Reduces pain, discomfort, and cravings

During detox, you can also take advantage of treatments such as the following:

You have access to comprehensive treatment that can help you manage your addiction while addressing family issues or mental health disorders.

Contact Midwest Detox Center for Our Medical Detox Program

Detox is never easy; however, with the right treatment and help from a professional team, you can get through the first stage of recovery and be on your way to rehab and aftercare. Midwest Detox Center can help you succeed. We provide an array of addiction treatment therapies at our medical detox center in Ohio.

Contact Midwest Detox Center at 833.647.0392 to find out more about your addiction treatment options.