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Ecstasy is a type of illegal, synthetic amphetamine. Common names for this drug include MDMA and molly. Its properties resemble those of both stimulants and hallucinogens. Users report ecstasy effects of euphoria, disorientation, and elevated mood. Ecstasy is connected to raves, nightclubs, and wild partying in popular perception. Positive ecstasy effects make the drug ripe for abuse and addiction.

Addiction to ecstasy can easily follow prolonged use. The physical comedown from ecstasy can be harsh. Ecstasy side effects quickly rush in to replace the positive high. That often propels people to use more, thereby reinforcing the drug’s hold over their body and mind.

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Typical Ecstasy Effects on the Body

Ecstasy is a drug that is often taken in combination with other drugs. Many people who use it also use alcohol, cocaine, or other substances. First, this combination increases a person’s risk of experiencing ecstasy’s adverse long-term effects. Second, it can also disguise the typical ecstasy effects on the body. Usually, people on ecstasy report the following:

  • Euphoriapeople in group therapy at ecstasy addiction treatment program
  • Overwhelming feelings of love and empathy for others
  • Increased sensory input
  • Impulsivity
  • Increased thirst

While they may not be the first things users experience, ecstasy also negatively impacts them. Common ecstasy side effects include blurred vision, elevated heart rate, grinding teeth, and sweating. The more concerning part comes after the drug wears off. It leaves the brain struggling to produce normal amounts of serotonin and dopamine, both of which govern emotional regulation and mood.

Using ecstasy over time puts people at risk of developing an ecstasy addiction. It also can lead to long-term effects of ecstasy, such as mental health disorders, paranoia, memory problems, and sleep issues.

What Does Ecstasy Treatment Entail?

The first step in ecstasy treatment is ecstasy detox. Detox eliminates the presence of the drug in a person’s body. Ecstasy detox is not life-threatening or dangerous, particularly in comparison to some other drugs. However, withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations and psychosis can prove problematic without medical oversight and support. If left unchecked or ignored, those withdrawal symptoms could derail recovery.

Once ecstasy detox is complete, patients begin ecstasy rehab. Since ecstasy is a newer drug, ecstasy addiction treatment does not entail a treatment method that is specific to this one drug. Instead, ecstasy treatment relies on methods proven effective in treating a wide range of addictions. Oftentimes, ecstasy rehab providers like Midwest Detox Center use medication-assisted treatment methods to alleviate the mental health issues that sometimes exist in the wake of ecstasy.

Another classic treatment option is therapy delivered through an inpatient or outpatient structure. One focus of therapy in relation to ecstasy treatment is a lifestyle change. Continuing the same habits that led to an ecstasy addiction will only lead to relapse. Support groups are another element that aid in recovery from addiction to ecstasy.

Access Ecstasy Help at Midwest Detox Center

Midwest Detox Center is a leading provider of ecstasy rehab. Quitting ecstasy and overcoming an addiction to ecstasy may not be an easy process. Yet it offers the possibility of an addiction-free life filled with new possibilities.

Ecstasy addiction treatment at Midwest Detox Center addresses the short and long-term effects of ecstasy. Established addictions may have entirely upended your life. Your mental health, sleep, and general ability to function may all have suffered due to an ecstasy addiction. Midwest Detox Center’s expert clinicians, individualized care, and decades of experience provide the ecstasy help necessary to transform your life.

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