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Xanax is a type of benzodiazepine. It is commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders. Using Xanax depresses the central nervous system, producing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Unfortunately, Xanax is an addictive substance. People who use Xanax for extended periods of time are in danger of developing a Xanax addiction. In fact, the Xanax addiction rate is quite high. As many as forty percent of people who take Xanax or similar benzodiazepines daily will struggle with a Xanax addiction. The answer to that problem is substance abuse treatment program through a trusted provider like Midwest Detox Center.

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Common Xanax Addiction Symptoms

In light of the Xanax addiction rate, many people who use this drug end up experiencing Xanax addiction symptoms. The longer a person takes Xanax, the more likely they will begin to experience Xanax side effects. One factor that makes Xanax so addictive is that it is incredibly fast-acting. Its effects appear almost immediately after use. They also wear off not long after initial use.

Not only does this make the drug addictive, but it also means Xanax addiction symptoms may appear sooner when compared to other drugs. A few of the typical signs that indicate you or someone you love is struggling with a Xanax addiction include:

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms between usagepeople in xanax addiction treatment program sitting in group therapy
  • Needing increased amounts of Xanax to produce the same effect
  • Craving Xanax
  • Using Xanax outside of prescription guidelines

Xanax use also commonly involves Xanax side effects. Drowsiness, headaches, memory issues, and dizziness are all side effects that stem from using Xanax. Prolonged use can also result in more severe impacts on physical and mental health. These include mental health disorders, impaired motor functioning, decreased libido, and memory loss.

Detox as Starting Point For Xanax Addiction Treatment

Getting Xanax help starts with Xanax detox. Most of the time, detoxing from Xanax involves tapering. This is a process where a person is medically supervised and takes less and less of a drug. Using the tapering method allows the body to adjust to life without the influence of Xanax.

One quirk of Xanax addiction treatment is that other benzodiazepines may be used during detox to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. It may sound odd to treat a benzodiazepine addiction by using other benzodiazepines. But this technique is in no way replacing one addiction with another.

The trick comes back to why Xanax is so addictive: its fast-acting nature. Other benzodiazepines are naturally slower-acting. Using these as temporary replacements helps wean a person off of Xanax without experiencing incredible hardship. It is worth noting this approach is only safe and recommended when conducted by a trusted Xanax addiction treatment provider. Attempting detox from home using this or another method is not a good idea.

What Does Xanax Rehab at Midwest Detox Center Entail?

After a successful detox, patients enter a period of ongoing treatment. Where Xanax detox addresses the physical hold of the drug, Xanax rehab takes on its psychological hold. One primary intervention during Xanax rehab is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on the patterns of thought and behavior that influence a person’s addiction. Altering these negative patterns is key to producing lasting recovery.

Therapies like CBT are also applicable in cases of a dual diagnosis. That is when someone struggles with an addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously. People with a Xanax addiction all too often develop mental health problems as a result. Xanax detox on its own does not take care of the mental aspect. CBT, ongoing support, and access to resources make up the rest of a comprehensive Xanax treatment plan.

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