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Which Methods Have the Highest Long-Term Success Rate When Quitting an Opioid Addiction?

Did you know that the most successful opioid addiction treatment programs usually include both detoxification and medications with typical counseling options? Unfortunately, some opioid addiction treatment centers don’t offer any medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Others will provide counseling options but only up to the minimum legally required number of hours. It’s essential to choose an addiction…

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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Opioid drugs are typically prescription pain relievers. Although they’re legitimate medications, these pain relievers are easy to use indiscriminately. It wouldn’t be difficult to form a dependence, which can lead to a full-blown opioid addiction. If you’re in Ohio and looking for an opioid addiction treatment program, contact Midwest Detox Center online or call 833.647.0392

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What You Should Know About the Most Abused Prescription Drugs

It isn’t uncommon for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines to come to mind when thinking about the most commonly abused drugs. Even though these drugs are abused across the country, we can’t forget about prescription drug abuse. Unfortunately, millions of individuals develop addictions and abuse these medications. That leads many to wonder about the most…