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Do you have an addiction to Xanax? If so, you can get the help you need for Xanax addiction at Midwest Detox Center. Our Xanax detox center in Ohio provides a comprehensive treatment that helps you get clean and stay clean for life. Regardless of how severe your Xanax abuse is, you have a fighting chance to recover and walk away from Xanax for good.

You have access to full treatment that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare programs. Our licensed specialists can guide you through every step of recovery to ensure your success. Don’t let Xanax destroy your life. Contact our Xanax addiction treatment center today at 833.647.0392 and let us help you get started with your Xanax detox program.

woman at Xanax Detox CenterWhy Is Xanax So Addictive?

Each year, thousands of people in the U.S. are treated for some level of Xanax abuse. That is because like other benzodiazepines (benzos), Xanax is one of the most highly addictive prescription drugs on the market. Without realizing it, you can get addicted to Xanax after using it for only a few weeks.

As a treatment for panic disorder or anxiety disorder, Xanax starts to alter brain function almost immediately. It relaxes the central nervous system and produces a pleasurable euphoric effect. Once your mind gets used to the effects, it builds a tolerance to the drug. However, once you are hooked, you increase the dosage to keep feeling the effects. This leads to a drug habit, which can turn into an addiction. If you have been using Xanax for several months, you may find that it is almost impossible to put it down.

Detox is an important component of our substance abuse treatment programs. It is the first step to your recovery and sets the stage for rehab. Without detox, there is no recovery. Our Xanax detox center offers multiple treatment services to help you get through the early stages of rehab.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a powerful supplement to primary therapy. We use medication such as methadone or suboxone, which reduces your withdrawal symptoms and helps you manage your cravings. MAT is FDA-approved and safe to use.

Full Treatment Facilities

One of the stigmas of drug detox centers in Ohio is that they are cold and clinical. At Midwest Detox Center, we take a more progressive approach to treatment by creating a warm and friendly environment that makes you feel at home. You have access to private bedrooms that are comfortable and safe.

Emergency Medical Treatment

When withdrawing from a long-time Xanax addiction, you may have severe, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Our licensed medical staff is prepared to handle any type of emergency. We provide responsive medical care when you need it most. We also offer 24/7 supervision so that you never have to feel alone during detox.

Xanax Detox Center Services

Once you complete detox, you can begin rehab. Our Xanax detox center offers addiction treatment services such as:

Regardless of the type of level of addiction you have, we provide a personalized treatment program to meet your needs and help you reach your personal goals.

Learn More About Our Xanax Detox Center at Midwest Detox Center

Xanax addiction is tough to overcome. However, it’s not impossible. With the right treatment, you can finally say goodbye to addiction forever. Midwest Detox Center can help you recover from addiction through our addiction treatment therapies. Call Midwest Detox Center at 833.647.0392 to learn more about your treatment options and to get started at our Xanax detox center today. We are here to help you get on the path to recovery.